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How to Have Luck with Yantra Mantra, Miracle Yantra, Mantra Energy & Thought Energy?

MLS was devout from the time he was a teenager. He was fun and adventurous just like everyone else his age. The only difference was when it came to his meditation and prayer time. No matter what, he always left behind the fun and enjoyment of being playfully young to become fully engaged in his daily religious practices.

He was sincere in his prayers and never asked the Gods for anything in return. However, MLS always assumed that his life’s blessings were the result of good karma, and never thought they had anything to do with the Gods.  

When he reached his thirties he began experiencing emotional and financial turmoil. This was the first time he asked for Divine help. He didn’t know whether it was Divine intervention or hard work that began to make his tribulations dissipate. However, he deeply believed that Divine grace had helped him overcome recent burdens.

MLS enjoyed a prosperous life again for many years until its heavy afflictions began to return. He once again sought Divine help. Once more, the obstacles moved from in front of him. Unscathed, his faith in Devi Mahalaksmi increased many thousand-fold.
MLS soon experienced an inner feeling. He wanted to find a way to experience a more satisfying prayer; a deeper prayer, a prayer that connects him with the Divine. He felt the urge to find an answer to his longing.

The Power of Energy Based Sound, Sound Waves, Energy Vibration and Mantra Siddhi

He continued praying the only way he knew how, discontented. Then, one special day, by Divine grace he came across a book titled Shakti Mantras: Tapping into the great feminine energy within, by Thomas Ashley-Farrand, and that led him to another book titled Healing Mantras, by the same author. The texts taught of the power of sound. Of sound waves. Of sound vibration. Of chakra-based sound. Of chakra. Of energizing the chakras. Of energy. Of feminine energy. Of creative energy. Of thought energy.  Of energy based sounds. Of energy vibration. Of mantra energy, and of mantra siddhi.  The books, Shakti Mantra and Healing Mantras, forever altered his method of praying.  MLS chanted mantras for Sri Mahalaksmi. He felt as if he were being guided by Devas hovering around him as he prayed with more devotion than ever before. One day, while he was praying, he experienced a bliss that he had never felt in daily mediation or prayers. He felt himself swell with a limitless ocean of spiritual happiness. He felt as if the sun was coming closer to him. He surely could have been scorched in a mere microsecond. Yet, the sun did not turn him to ash. He was unharmed.  The room illuminated with over 100,000 lights as bright as the pulsing sun. The sun reached out to touch him, releasing within him a cool sensation. He heard the lap of the swollen seas. He gazed upon an ocean of milk.  Jasmine and roses filled his breath. A Divine fragrance, he had never experienced before, grew around him.

Slowly, the seas quieted. Stillness and tranquility engulfed his being. He then felt Divine calmness. Thoughtlessness. The vibrating rhythmic hum: OM OM OM Shreem Shreem Shreem OM OM OM. A cosmic force filled his being.  He felt he was in the presence of the Divine mother, he could see nothing but bright, golden light. Through the light, a sweet voice called a name, “Lakshminarayana.” He looked around puzzled. Who was calling whom?

“Lakshminarayana!” A motherly touch caressed his head and whispered again. He stood puzzled. “Lakshminarayana, I am speaking to you.”  “My name is not Lakshminarayana,” he replied. “I bestow this name onto you,” she replied, “Spread my name and enliven others to worship me.”

"This is ME, I am in this Yantra. Those who Worship this Yantra in their Homes and Businesses will Prosper in Health and Wealth"

And then, in front of him appeared a Yantra. The diagram, with the Sanskrit letters, it was clear. She spoke, “This is me. I am in this Yantra. Those who worship this Yantra in their homes and businesses will prosper in health and wealth.”  She continued, “Spread this Yantra around the world; reach all believers. Those who worship this Yantra with faith and devotion will be blessed abundantly, a 1,000 fold. Miracles will occur. Their families and businesses will become abundant through the power of this Yantra.”
She whispered again in his ear, “I am entrusting this secret mantra to you. Before you give the Yantra to my devotees, use the mantra to bless it with the devotee’s name.” Lakshminarayana, the name I have bestowed onto you, keep it secret until you feel an inner, divine command to share it publically.

He then heard the following mantras:

First, Om……Om…..Om 
Then, Klim, Klim, Klim, 
Aftet that, “OM Shrim Hrim Klim Hrim Shrim Om”
Then, “Gayatri Mantra,”
After that  “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya,” followed by,
“Om Namo Bhagavate Rudraya,”and then, “Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha,”
Then,  “Lakshmi Gayatri,”  and after that,  
“Om Shrim Hrim Shrim Mahlalakshmiye Namaha, and Om Shrim Hrim Shrim Mahlalakshmiye Swaha,” next,
“Om klim shrim klim Kuberaya Namah,” finally, “Om klim shrim klim Vittesvarya  Namah,”
And lastly, “Om, Om, Om .”

His vision then ceased. He was sitting once again in front of his Puja Mandir at home. He felt he must have been out for hours. Upon checking the time, only 15 minutes had passed since he had sat down at his usual time to chant his mantras. What had felt like hours had been only mere moments.  Perhaps it had all been a figment of his imagination? He recalled then that neither he, nor his wife, had ever used jasmine or rose before. He could still smell the fragrant flowers. It hadn’t been a dream. An uncontrollable feeling of Divine bliss warmed him. He knew what he had experienced was real.

He couldn’t shake the vision he had seen. He spent days and nights sketching what he had seen. Painstakingly, he recorded every detail, fussing over the inaccurate components he couldn’t seem to get right. He prayed to the Divine Mother to guide him.
Casually, while searching the web, almost inconceivably, he found the mantras he had heard and the Yantra he had seen in his vision. He knew it hadn’t been an accident. It was like a miracle. He printed it and laid the clippings atop his detailed sketch. It was finally complete.

Later, Devi appeared in his dream and commanded, “Go spread this Shri Gayatri Mahalakshmi Kubera Yantra everywhere. This Yantra will bring you wealth beyond what you could ever imagine. You will enjoy abundance and so will my devotees who worship this Yantra with devotion and faith. Health, wealth and prosperity will befall onto you and all others who worship this Yantra.”