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Our Mission

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We believe…

We believe that every human being is born with fortune, and that every  person should be able to enjoy the abundance of wealth, success and fulfillment in all facets of life.

We believe Divine guidance is important for some people who long to achieve their financial goals; everyone deserves the God-given blessing of happiness in life, health and home.

We believe that Divine power can ward-off karma and the ill effects of the planetary positions that block progress to prosperity and good fortune; we believe Divine power can help people vigorously move forward and find confidence in achieving their goals.

We believe Devi Mahalakshmi will shower her devotees, who worship Shri Gayatri Mahalakshmi Kubera Yantra, with abundance, health, wealth, prosperity, and family bliss. 

Our Mission Is To…

  • Promote Shri Gayatri Mahalakshmi Kubera Yantra in every aspect of every believer’s life.
  • Spread Shri Gayatri Mahalakshmi Kubera Yantra all over the world with a focus that the Yantra should reach only those who really believe in Devi.
  • Encourage the installation of Shri Gayatri Mahalakshmi Kubera Yantra in every Puja Mandir in every devotee’s home and place of business around the world.
  • Encourage the worship and devotion of Shri Mahalakshmi among all Hindus, and financially support Lakshmi temples with the proceeds.

Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantih