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Few testimonials from Worshippers of Shri Gayatri Mahalakshmi Kubera Yantra – all testimonials we have received will be published in due course:


The divine grace of guruji through Yantra happening in my life. My life became prosperous now. I got initiated into Kamala Sadhana after buying Miracle yantra and doing miracle yantra sadhana regularly"

Basavaraj U.
Karnataka, India


"I recieved the yantra 10 days back. And I am sure this yantra will prove to be very powerful and effective as I feel positive changes in cash flow for me .I feel less burdened and have full faith in the yantra as it will bring me out of my personal problems. Thanks"

Anurathan A.
Dubai, UAE


"This yantra is very powerful. From the moment this yantra came into my home, lot of good things are happening to me and my family. We all feel the presence of divine mother at home."

Los Angeles, California


"We haven’t seen an improvement in our financial situation, but we have experienced an unexplainable, unusually calm, happiness and brightness in our home since we began worshiping Shri Gayatri Mahalakshmi Kubera Yantra. We know our financial situation also will improve."

Sathyan M.
Boston, Massachusetts